“We need to rescue many of them from self defeat and from oblivion… and I’m proud to be associated with this organization.”

Dennis Bruce, President, Mindset Creative Planning Inc. Founding Patron of Your Life Counts

What people are saying about YLC:

“After learning of a tragic teen suicide encouraged by an internet predator, I focused my efforts as a Member of Parliament on suicide prevention. I introduced a motion in 2009, calling on the government to close loopholes in the Criminal Code which hampered our ability to prosecute a crime which occurred in cyberspace. During this time, I first met Rory Butler and became aware of the good work he does with Your Life Counts. Suicide remains the second-leading cause of death among young Canadians. Your Life Counts provides a forum for young Canadians in distress to seek help anonymously in real-time. I was privileged to attend their launch, and remain impressed by the organization’s commitment to speaking with young Canadians, rather than at them. Just last month, I introduced legislation that would compel the Government to develop a federal framework for suicide prevention. Rory’s counsel and advice were invaluable to developing this piece of legislation. I know Rory to be a passionate advocate for vulnerable youth and families in crisis. I heartily recommend him and Your Life Counts.”

Harold Albrecht, MP, Kitchener-Conestoga

“The City of Welland is delighted to be the home of several of Canada’s best and brightest organizations and corporations. We are excited to be the home of Your Life Counts and look forward to exploring every available opportunity for growth and development with its Founder, Rory Butler and his team. Your Life Counts has our full support and we encourage you to help and get involved in any way you can.”

His Worship, Barry Sharpe, Mayor, City of Welland, Ontario, Canada – August 2011

“I am writing to express support for Your Life Counts, a highly regarded Welland based organization that provides outstanding service in the area of suicide prevention, offering advocacy and counselling to at risk youth and families. I recently met with founder, Rory Butler, to discuss the work of YLC.

I am particularly pleased to see a focus on young people. Currently youth encounter many obstacles and difficulties and the unfortunate reality is that the most vulnerable are getting left behind. YLC provides an exemplary opportunity to ease the transition into adulthood by helping youth change the self destructive and addictive behaviours that can lead to suicide. The program provides vulnerable young people with the hope that is necessary to make a positive difference in their lives.

Suicide prevention is everybody’s business and we as a society must work to address it. Helping vulnerable individuals comes with a cost but the cost to our community of doing nothing is much greater. This organization has my whole hearted support and I urge you to give it yours.”

Malcolm Allen, MP, Welland, Ontario, 2010

“It is with great pleasure to extend congratulations to Your Life Counts on the opening of your new administrative headquarters in the City of Welland. You are making a difference in the lives of all Canadians and we are grateful for your efforts. Sincere best wishes!”

Damian Goulbourne, former Mayor, city of Welland, July 2010

“I applaud the entire Your Life Counts team for bringing the issues and devastation of suicide to the forefront of public discussion…the work being done by Your Life Counts is nothing short of amazing. It is organizations such as YLC that will change the way we see and speak of suicide and suicide prevention…thanks again to the entire Your Life Counts team for showing leadership in efforts to prevent suicide across Canada and I offer my encouragement and support to you all.”

Louise Bradley, President & COO, Mental Health Commission of Canada, Calgary

“The work Rory Butler is doing on behalf of youth at risk is making a real difference. We need to help him help these most vulnerable in our society…”

Roger Trull, Vice-President (Retired), University Advancement, McMaster University. Member YLC Advisory Board

“The excellent work of Rory Butler and Your Life Counts has been brought to our attention. Too many young lives are being lost to suicide. Our youth today need to know that their lives have meaning, value and purpose. We have met with Rory and are supportive of his efforts to communicate the message ‘Your Life Counts..’ to our precious young people around the world. Rory needs your help and support to build this much needed resource for youth. We encourage you to help him in any way you can.”

His Grace The Late Duke of Hamilton & Her Grace The Dowager Duchess of Hamilton, Lennoxlove House, Scotland, UK

“The challenges facing today’s youth are greater than they have ever been yet the resources and support programs for youth seem fewer. It is our experience that severe problems exist with many of today’s youth and Victim Services searches out the best program referrals that make sense and can really make a difference. YOUR LIFE COUNTS is that resource and support for today’s youth. Victim Services is pleased and privileged to have YOUR LIFE COUNTS as a resource for our youth.”

Sheri MacDonald, Executive Director, Victim Services of Haldimand-Norfolk. An agency of the Attorney General and the Ontario Provincial Police

“I applaud you and your team for your efforts for what you are doing to truly make a difference..”

Ginny Dennehy, Mom of Kelty Patrick Dennehy who tragically died at his own hands; November 23rd 1983 – March 2nd 2001. (Kelty’s story was featured in MacLean’s magazine on 14th November 2005)

“Standard Life is proud of its association with your organization and wishes you all every success in your endeavours.”

Julie Chevrette; Specialist, Public Relations, Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada

“More than ever before, teens need to know that their lives count and that an entity like Your Life Counts is there to help, support and encourage them. I have known the President of Your Life Counts, Rory Butler, for twenty years and have witnessed how he has worked tirelessly to establish the organization. I wholeheartedly encourage you to join us in supporting Rory and his team to ably assist our youth in realizing their full potential and enhancing the society we live in.”

John Newman MIMI, Deputy Managing Director of Ferrari Maserati Hong Kong; former General Manager, Ferrari UK & former International Motor Racing Team Director of Le Mans/ Team Veloqx AUDI; YLC ex-officio Board Director

“With a mission to assist youth, a segment of the population that has historically been overlooked, Your Life Counts provides life changing resources and education to teens ..(our teens) are our future leaders, managers, investors and caretakers and they need our help now.”

Sabine Steinbrecher, former YLC Board member; Founder & CEO; Canadian Investment Awards; Co-Founder, President & CEO, The Learning Library; Founder & President Vorg Inc. USA & Canada.

“Broken homes, crime, anger, school bullying, suicide, school rampage, killing…Youth is supposed to be a happy carefree time when new and wonderful adventures are experienced. Instead, fear, abuse, hate and darkness are experienced. Does anyone care? Is there hope? Could there be light to push back the darkness? The answer is yes! Your Life Counts is an organization birthed to give life a chance to those who want to give up. Rory Butler has taken on the leadership of this gift of hope. He needs me to help. He needs you to help. Help translates into caring and caring translates into positive life changing results. Your Life Counts is unique, is important to the youth of now. It has my full endorsement.”

Norm MacLaren, Vice-President (Retired) Crossroads National Counselling Centre, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I am pleased to endorse the vision and commitment shown by Rory Butler of Your Life Counts in seeking to provide caring, practical and effective assistance to young people struggling with the many issues, traumas , crises and self-doubts encountered in the context of today’s society – Your Life Counts’ message that ‘Every Life Counts…!’ communicates the immeasurable value and potential of every individual.”

Alison A. McKean, LL.B.,LL.M.,NP (Lawyer, Scotland, UK)

“I have known Rory Butler for nearly 43 years and have seen how he and his wife have dedicated their lives in the service of the youth of our world. Rory has been exploring with me ways in which Webster University based in Geneva, Switzerland can assist Your Life Counts in providing a second level online counseling facility for youth utilizing the latest web technology. As an alumnus of Webster and a practicing psychologist I have been delighted to have this opportunity to partner with one of my longest standing friends in assisting youth around the world to cope with the pressures of everyday living. Switzerland has one of the highest suicide rates among our youth in the world and the strategy that Rory has been developing makes a lot of sense. Rory has my full support. As momentum gathers under the relationships that are now building thanks to Rory’s efforts I have no doubt that Your Life Counts will secure the funding support it needs. I submit that the work and dedication of Rory Butler in the service of our youth is exemplary and exceptional and I encourage you to come alongside him and Your Life Counts with whatever support you can offer. He needs your help. Please help him to move forward with this much needed resource for our youth.”

David Lawson MA, Psychologist, Private Practice, Geneva, Switzerland; YLC Ambassador; Member; YLC Advisory Board

“Your Life Counts offers valuable and necessary illumination to a generation of young people that, quite frankly, should not be required to cope with the significant issues constantly confronting them. In a culture that so often communicates conflicting values, embraces misplaced priorities and demonstrates relational brokenness, Your Life Counts offers a clear and needed message, “Every Life Counts!..” Rory Butler has an unrelenting passion to make a difference in the lives of 1,000′s of youth around the world. I am delighted that his world included Canada. Rory capably serves in the capacity of Founder and CEO of Your Life Counts with creativity, integrity and industry. Sharing in the vision enables us to share in the victories.”

Rev David E Hazzard, Assistant Superintendent for Ministerial Services, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, National HQ, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“We know that Your Life Counts has the ability to reach out in a way that is like none other and is completely appealing to youth. Historically we have struggled to provide youth with supports that they will actually go for. They go for YLC They can access support in the way that they know best…online! This instantly takes the fear and complexities out of ‘getting help’ We know from the experience with our suicide crisis line and our community outreach initiatives that adolescents do not always feel comfortable verbalizing their feelings in person over the telephone. Sometimes having to do so is an actual deterrent to getting help. They really like the concept and we witness first hand the positive responses and sense of relief when we tell them what Your Life Counts is all about and how they can so easily access support. The best part is that many, many youth are actually reaching out, being helped and empowered in ways that enable them to survive and claim their life back. We are grateful to have Your Life Counts,we rely on them and need them. We are privileged to have the ongoing opportunity to collaborate with Your Life Counts in the provision of service.”

Stephanie Oliver, Executive Director; Suicide Prevention Service, The Salvation Army; Ontario Great Lakes Division

“I fully endorse the leadership of Rory Butler and the vision and mission of Your Life Counts. Teenagers today are facing enormous pressures and teen suicide is a big problem in a world which increasingly makes no sense at all to today’s youth generation. School shootings, September 11th 2001 (USA), drug and alcohol abuse, premarital sex, STD’s are just some of the big issues that our young people are living with today. These are huge issues where healthy choices are crucial and could mean the difference between life or death. How do our young people make healthy choices in a world full of choice? Your Life Counts is one of the ways that can help. Your Life Counts needs your help. Invite you to help financially to build a solid base. The needs of our young people have never been greater and the resources in many ways have never been fewer. Please partner with Your Life Counts today and let’s make a difference together.”

Mark Morin, President, Vortex Splashguards, Ontario, Canada & USA Interim Chair, Your Life Counts Canada

“I was very pleased to hear about your organization and to learn how it teaches students that ‘EVERY LIFE COUNTS!..’ If I should learn of an initiative that would benefit Your Life Counts I will be sure to contact you directly.”

Toby Barrett, MPP [Member Provincial Parliament], Haldimand-Norfolk-Brant Constituency, Ontario, Canada

“Under the TeenLight Program Hummer Racing has worked closely with Your Life Counts and we share a common heart to touch this generation of young people with the message ‘Your Life Counts.” We are confident in the leadership of Rory Butler and can see that Your Life Counts is now positioned for take-off. We believe the ‘race is never over’ and with dedication, focus and hard work today’s teenagers can achieve anything they set their minds to. They need help. YOUR LIFE COUNTS needs your help and financial support to make a difference in the lives of our teens today and make a better tomorrow.”

‘Iron Man’ Dale Vranckx, President, Odyssey Hummer Racing; Former World SEA-DOO Champion and holder of several national and international land and sea records.

“Rory Butler has developed high level strategic relationships which include Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in San Francisco who recently completed a 30 second animated commercial known as ‘The Winner’ which has been gifted to YLC with an industry equivalent value of around $500,000 US Youth in the USA and from around the world are stronger and safer for the work that Rory and his team have been doing in partnership with a wide range of organizations and agencies. Rory and YLC needs your help and I believe they are worthy of your support.”

Laura J Weber; Environmental Engineer, Former Trustee YLC USA, Inc – A 501c3 not for profit registration

“Youth from around the world are stronger and safer for the work that Rory Butler and his team at YLC has been doing in partnership with a range of organizations and agencies. I respectfully submit that the work and dedication of Rory Butler in the service of youth is exemplary and exceptional and I encourage you to help in every way that you can.”

Eddie Williamson, Trustee, YLC UK – a UK charitable registration

“New Zealand has one of the highest rates of teen suicide in the western world. We are committed to address this problem by helping develop a YLC chapter organization in New Zealand. It is very encouraging to see the focus, dedication, professionalism and most importantly, enthusiasm that Rory Butler has brought to YLC. With Rory’s leadership I have every expectation that YLC will successfully fulfill its desire to communicate to the youth of our world that their lives count”

Dr Ian Buckley, Trustee, YLC New Zealand – a NZ charitable registration

“AIR CANADA is pleased to have been able to provide you with one hospitality class ticket to Great Britain. I trust our support enabled you to pursue sponsorship opportunities and secure funding for Your Life Counts as well a got you one step closer to obtaining a UK charitable number….on behalf of Air Canada please accept our best wishes with the success of your endeavours.”

Suzana Bulhoes, Community Investments, AIR CANADA HQ, Quebec, Canada

“I wish you success with your program. I reviewed your website and found it very inspirational and I am sure many teenagers will profit from your endeavours.”

Major Jack Limo, Directorate of Air Force Employment 2-7, Royal Canadian Air Force HQ, Canada

“The need for YLC’s message for young people is global, it stretches across national, cultural and ethnic divides of every kind. The task ahead is huge. I have never met a man more committed to his task than Rory nor an organization so focused on its goal as YLC. By the time you have read this message another young life in our world will have ended in suicide. Would communicating the message ‘Your Life Counts.’ or the sound of a voice on the end of a phone line have prevented that tragic death? Without your support we will never know.. we will have missed an opportunity to address the soul sickness of our age. I have buried too many young people, killed by their own hand, to pass that opportunity by.”

Rev Mark Nicholas, MA, BD, Gorebridge Parish Church, Scotland, UK

“Rory, thanks for sharing the information on Your Life Counts with me. Congratulations on doing a fantastic job at creating partnerships and exposure for the organization. I agree with you that the work you are doing is very important. What a great message – Your Life Counts.. – we all need to hear it over and over again.”

Wally Amos; author, actor, founder Amos Cookies, known by over 150 million Americans, Hawaii, USA

“I am pleased to provide an endorsement to Mr Rory Butler and the Your Life Counts organization. Having been involved in the addiction treatment social service sector my entire career, and for several years concurrently involved with suicide prevention and education efforts in the Niagara Region, I most certainly believe that YLC adds another dimension to suicide prevention initiatives – not only to being highly individualized in focus and programming format, but also in seeking to nourish the young person through a spirit focused, self-worth enhancing modality and perspective. We all know the foundation of self destructive behaviour is laid early, and I am therefore happy to endorse an organization so passionate about young people in need of compassion and support.”

Norma Medulun, Regional Director, Addiction Services, Niagara Health System, Ontario

“Rory, I was pleased to meet you and learn about Your Life Counts while we were at the 2010 Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention Conference. I fully endorse your vision on preventing suicide among people in Canada and around the world. As a survivor you truly understand not only the pain of being left behind but also the hope that is so powerful as you create dialogue on suicide. Your passion for change is infectious and our communities are becoming safer because of your work. Not Talking About It Isn’t Working.”

Scott Chisholm, Founder,Collateral Damage: Images of Those Left Behind by Suicide.

“Rory, I was pleased to meet you and learn about Your Life Counts while we were at the 2010 Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention Conference. I fully endorse your vision on preventing suicide among people in Canada and around the world. As a survivor you truly understand not only the pain of being left behind but also the hope that is so powerful as you create dialogue on suicide. Your passion for change is infectious and our communities are becoming safer because of your work. Not Talking About It Isn’t Working.”

Scott Chisholm, Founder,Collateral Damage: Images of Those Left Behind by Suicide.