We all get wound up sometimes. Feeling angry about certain things which ‘aren’t fair’ or ‘not right’ is normal. jedoch, there are healthy and productive ways to deal with anger. We need to learn some control over how we express our feelings.

Anger Between You and Others

When you are angry with someone, try to stay calm and tell them how you are feeling. Part of communication is listening, so it is important that you listen to their side of the story. Be open minded – maybe it was you that messed up. Be willing to apologize, and to forgive.

Anger Between You and a Life Situation

Sometimes situations in life make us upset; maybe you didn’t get that job, or place at University or College you worked hard for, or many other personal circumstances. If you feel stuck, persevere! Often things change and move forward when we don’t expect. You can make a difference in the lives of others. You are important and have so much value. Life can often appear to “suck”, and it seems like nothing will change, but take the opportunity as a chance to build your character and remember that your attitude can make a world of difference.

Der Umgang mit Wut

When you are angry, don’t take it out on yourself or others. Find activities that will help you release that energy in a positive way which will benefit you. Go for a walk, paint a picture, take some photos, write poetry or music, or read a book. Some of the greatest and most beautiful art comes from deep emotions. Be positive.

Denken Sie daran, dass Sie wichtig sind,. Ihr Leben zählt, und Sie können einen Unterschied in dieser Welt machen. Wenn Sie jemals brauchen, um über dieses oder irgendetwas anderes reden, fühlen Sie sich frei in Verbindung zu treten mit uns. Wir sind für Sie da.