Sponsor Or Partner With YLC

Corporate Sponsorships / Partnerships:

Our corporate sponsors and partners provide key and essential support without which we would not be able to work at such a high level of competency. Our sponsors and partners provide cost savings and pro-bono materials, products, services and strategic counsel.

Your Life Counts receives a significant level of public relations, advertising, technical and brand marketing support. We are grateful to all of our sponsors and partners.

Corporate Partners:

Our corporate partners support us financially or otherwise in a material way as a donor and/ or as a sponsor for specific areas of work/ projects. They may offer strategic counsel and other advice that helps build the capacity and effectiveness of YLC. They might also consider seconding a member of staff to YLC to work on a specific project or facilitate other dynamic and creative ways to solve operational problems. There are many ways to partner with YLC. The best thing of all is knowing that lives are being saved and a huge difference is being made in our communities and in families across the nation.

Corporate Sponsor:

Our corporate sponsors are actively engaged in the design, development and implementation of our programs and services. Each sponsor has a clearly defined area of expertise and engages at that point of expertise to work at maximum effectiveness on a project specific basis.

For both our corporate partners and corporate sponsors, YLC presents an excellent opportunity to showcase to the community the individual corporation’s commitment to social responsibility.

Corporate Donor:

Our corporate donors give financially and in other material ways for which YLC may be able to issue a tax deductible receipt and commit to a year on year/ multiyear level of support.


How the Corporate Partnership Program works:

  • We understand our partnership in the context of a sponsor or a donor or both and agree a level of commitment of support over an agreed period of time.
  • We build in strategic reviews to manage expectations, ensure effectiveness is optimized, measure results and recalibrate approaches in the overall delivery of programs and services.
  • Our partners provide ongoing support and agree to:
  • Market YLC to youth audiences through all available avenues and through a variety of media (web hotlinks; packaging; signage; stationery; in store, etc)
  • Commit to develop an employee participation/ engagement program that helps build the capacity of YLC and helps us reach more youth (and families).
  • Help YLC to engage with youth.

How does YLC add value to our partners business(es) and their social responsibility programs?

  • Suicide is the silent killer of our youth. It is the 2nd leading cause of death next to road traffic accidents. In supporting YLC you are helping us to tackle the problem of suicide at its roots and to help change the mindset of our youth to ensure they reject suicide and stay alive.
  • By supporting YLC you are demonstrating that your business cares about our youth and that you are concerned to stop the appalling and needless loss of precious young lives to suicide.
  • As youth are our future, by investing in them, you are demonstrating that you care about future generations and the state of this world when you/ we are no longer here.
  • By supporting YLC you are helping YLC to bring awareness across society to the problem of youth suicide at all levels in community and government.
  • You are giving opportunity for your employees to support this nationally respected charity that is saving precious young lives from suicide.
  • Youth themselves will see that you care about them. They are your future customers and employees and they will remember the help they have received from YLC.
  • YLC works! Together with your help we have a win win for our nation’s youth!

YLC commits to:

Recognize our Sponsors and Donors according to their level of support.

Excellence and continuous development of the YLC brand in our nation and our world.


YLC is committed to adopting the Ethical Code of Imagine Canada, the foremost authority in excellence in standards of procedure, ethics and accountability in the Canadian charitable and not for profit sectors. www.imaginecanada.ca