There are three types of fear that we can experience. Are there any fears listed that you recognize?

An appropriate fear

This is a healthy fear that warns you to be careful. Por ejemplo: driving too fast on a slow road can cause a fear inside of us which tells us to slow down; noticing a weapon in your school and feeling a fear that causes you to report it. This fear is part of human instinct, and it can help protect your safety.

An innate fear

This is a fear that has been with you since birth. Por ejemplo: some people are afraid of reptiles or insects, and don’t know why. This fear can be overcome with support from a counselor or mentor.

An acquired fear

This is a fear that you have because of an experience that you had in life. Por ejemplo: you broke your leg when learning to snowboard and are now afraid to snowboard. This fear can be overcome by confronting it. Por ejemplo: going to a class with a trainer who can help you learn to snowboard.

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