Get help with coping with suicidal thoughts

Signs that an individual is contemplating suicide often coincide with those of depression and can often vary, but such symptoms are treatable. Souvent, the onset of symptoms is slow and therefore goes unnoticed. Même la personne elle-même ou elle-même peut supposer qu'il ou elle est juste en train de passer dans une « étape normale de la vie » où les relations et les expériences ne sont pas longtemps intéressante ou excitante que par le passé. Time to be careful.

Is There Help?

Depression or thoughts of suicide can affect absolutely anybody – you’d be surprised at just who. You are not alone or ‘weird’ or ‘a loser’. Be encouraged. Depression is very treatable and thoughts of suicide can be turned into positive hope. Pour connaître votre diagnostic et les options de traitement possibles, speak with your health care provider/doctor immediately.

Il y a de l'aide et de l'espoir disponible. Beaucoup de gens vivant avec la dépression ou pensées suicidaires tentent de se faire du mal parce qu'ils croient qu'ils « coincés à jamais de cette façon. » Ce n'est pas vrai. Situations and circumstances do change. Les choses iront mieux. Take the first step by deciding to seek treatment and support. It will make a vital difference.

If you are seriously considering suicide, there are a few things that you need to truly know.

Tu es important. You are valuable. You have a place in this world. The feelings you are going through will not last forever. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You can work through this. There is hope. There is help.

It is important that you talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling and seek attention from your health care provider or other authority. You can get through this. Tu n'es pas seul. You do not need to hurt yourself of anyone else.

Where Can I Turn for Help?

If you are in a serious emergency situation, call your local emergency service:

  • In North America, appel 911
  • In the United Kingdom, appel 999
  • In New Zealand, appel 000.

If you can, talk to a loved one about how you are feeling and let them know you want to find help. Ou, you can talk to someone at your school, like a teacher or a guidance counsellor.

Your Life Counts is also here for you. Si vous avez besoin de parler, you can visit and a trained facilitator will respond within 24 heures. We can even connect you with local resources in your area to find you the support you need.

What if My Loved Ones Don’t Take Me Seriously?

Sometimes people don’t know how to react when they hear that someone they know is considering suicide. Their immediate emotional reaction may appear to be anything from laughter to anger. This does not mean that they don’t care about you! They need to come to terms with your thoughts as well. Let them know that the feelings you have are real and serious and that you are asking for their support in finding help.

Rappelez-vous que vous êtes important. Votre vie compte, et vous pouvez faire une différence dans ce monde. Si vous avez besoin de parler ou quoi que ce soit d'autre, ne hésitez pas à entrer en contact avec nous. Nous sommes là pour vous.