There are different types of abuse: social, emotional, financial, sexual, and physical. Even though each type isn’t as visible or obvious as the next, each type of abuse can be very painful. If you think you may be suffering abuse, check out our article “I am being abused”.

Social abuse

This is when one person in the relationship stops the other from seeing family or friends, or even having a job. One partner in the relationship often checks up on where the other person is, and controls who they are and are not allowed to spend time with. This is very controlling and can hurt the victim’s social life.

Emotional abuse

This is sometimes also called ‘verbal abuse’. Emotional abuse is when one person in the relationship puts the other person or people down, and makes them feel inferior and bad about themselves. Name calling or constant blaming is an example of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can also include what’s called “emotional blackmail”, which is where one person makes a threat against the other person – like, “if you leave, I’ll take my own life”. Emotional abuse is harmful because it controls the victim, making them believe things that aren’t true so they feel that the only person that could ever love them is the one abusing them.

Financial abuse

This is where one person in the relationship takes control of the shared money in the household, and uses it for things that don’t support the whole relationship or family or stops the other partner from having any money. Financial abuse makes the victim unable to have the financial freedom to do things like go grocery shopping, buy gas for the car, or even buy new clothes.

Sexual abuse

This is where one person in the relationship forces the other person in the relationship to do sexual things that the victim doesn’t want to do like looking at or touching private areas. Most times, the victim is either unaware of what is happening or is physically forced to become a victim. Sexual abuse turns sexuality into something very scary and damaging, when sexuality is supposed to be something very special. Victims of sexual abuse often have difficulty feeling safe in future relationships.


This is when a parent or guardian doesn’t take care of the needs of a child or their dependent. Examples of this is: not providing food, shelter, clothing; not ensuring proper hygiene like brushing teeth or showering; or not seeking proper medical attention when it’s needed.

If you believe that any of these forms of abuse are happening to you, check out our article “I am being abused” to find out what you can do.

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