In this section, we are talking about gangs as they have come to be seen on TV and in the newspapers and not just a group of friends doing stuff together, as it can mean.

People join gangs for lots of different reasons. A gang is a group of people that share a common identity and engage in competition with other gangs. In extreme cases, gangs are often linked with criminal activities like drug trafficking and theft.

The main reason people join gangs is to feel a sense of community and “family”, wanting to feel as if they belong and are needed. Other reasons include the need for excitement or because they believe it is the best way to “survive”, or gain “respect” or “status” among their age group. All of these are of course, basic human needs, but sadly not always met in the right places.

If you are thinking of joining a gang because you are looking for a sense of community, you’re looking in the wrong place. Gangs are a dangerous community. On the other hand, sports groups and performance groups are a healthy and safe way to gain the same sense of togetherness and competition. Join a team, not a gang.

Remember that you are important. Your life counts, and you can make a difference in this world. If you ever need to talk about this or anything else, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re here for you.