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YLC helps people to say ‘no’ to suicide by steadying them emotionally, restoring hope and reconnecting them with their reasons to live. Tomorrow is counting on you.

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People who’ve said ‘no’ to suicide…

Serena is a student studying abroad. Far from home she felt very depressed and was suicidal. She connected with YLC and received the encouragement and support she needed to keep going.

Danny’s dad died unexpectedly by heart attack. He’d lost his mom at an early age. His whole world turned upside down. He felt he had nothing to live for. YLC helped Danny recover hope and his will to live.

Maggie’s husband died from cancer after a long illness. She was feeling suicidal. Connecting with YLC restored her perspective and reconnected her with her reasons to live.

* Names and pictures have been changed in order to protect the privacy of the individuals.

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Why does YLC exist?


people die by suicide every year and for every suicide there are over 22 attempts.

Who We Are

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that “someone, somewhere in the world dies by suicide every 40 seconds.”

Your Life Counts is a multicultural, global community of people from all walks of life who are united in their belief that suicide is never the answer.

Mental Health Commission of Canada

“I applaud the entire Your Life Counts team for bringing the issues and devastation of suicide to the forefront of public discussion…the work being done by Your Life Counts is nothing short of amazing. It is organizations such as YLC that will change the way we see and speak of suicide and suicide prevention…thanks again to the entire Your Life Counts team for showing leadership in efforts to prevent suicide across Canada and I offer my encouragement and support to you all.”

Louise Bradley, President & COO, Mental Health Commission of Canada, Calgary

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