Your Life Counts has schools programs and presentations and is often asked to speak to students, staff and parents on specific topics.

If you are a school principal/ teacher/ parent interested in having a YLC speaker come to your school/ community here are the answers to some basic questions you may have:

Q: Is there a cost involved?

A: As much as we would like the answer to be ‘no’ the reality is ‘yes’…our costs need to be covered.

Q: But you are a charity, why would we need to pay to have you come to our school/ community?

A: Yes, we are a charity but we do not have the resources to fund presentations in schools as much as we’d like to. If we had to fund every presentation we’ve made in schools we simply would not be able to afford it. We trust you will understand.

Q: OK, so what are your basic costs?

A: Our honorarium structure ranges from $500 – $2,500+ depending on the event and what is required of our speaker. If there is more than one speaker then the cost will be reflective of the number of YLC people involved. All travel costs (private vehicle/ taxi/ parking fees/ airlines fees, visa costs if travelling internationally, etc), meals and accommodation where needed will also need to be covered by you. If there are equipment rentals then those too will need to be covered by you.

Q: The YLC speaker would need to stay over in our community for one or more nights – could he/ she be billeted with a family in our community?

A: We’re grateful for the goodwill and good intentions of this kind offer but as a matter of policy and procedure – not least to protect the reputations of all involved – we require our speakers to be accommodated in a good quality hotel or motel for the duration of their stay – again at your cost. It is your responsibility to book and pay for these facilities.

Q: What about handouts/ brochures?

A: We will generally email you printable PDF versions of our collateral materials so that you can either print these yourself or have them printed by your school or a local donor.

Q: Will you speak with teaching staff and parents together and/ or separately?

A: Yes. We will be sensitive to the needs of the different groups and will explore this ahead of the event with you. In our experience the most successful meetings are with teaching staff separate from the parent groups. In this way we are able to drill down to specific concerns and address these concerns effectively without the interplay of parent/ teacher dynamics which can be very positive but on the other hand can be quite negative and limiting. We are happy to arrange to meet with different groups separately as may be appropriate in all the circumstances.

Q: Do you work with youth bands?

A: Yes, we do. Clearly to bring in some of the bands we work with the costs would soar however if there is a local band prepared to attend with us at a school presentation then we would be happy to explore possibilities. Sometimes this can be very helpful and effective – particularly if the local band has a strong local following.

Q: If, as an example, the costs of bring YLC to your community are $3,500 (airline/ accommodation, etc) – we are a small school with hardly any budget – how can we afford this cost?

A: There are many different ways to approach this…we have some suggestions:

– if 35 concerned parents/ business people in the community give $100 each = $3,500; a community poster could be produced with the logos of concerned businesses included on the poster – if 7 businesses bought space at $500/logo = $3,500 or a brochure or a newspaper ad with a similar sponsored approach. Perhaps there would be ways to have some small fundraisers with the students – car wash; bar-b-que, etc – there are so many creative and achievable ways to put this together.  The big thing for us here at YLC is that we have never wanted money to be an obstacle to responding to requests for us to speak in schools and in the community – and we have a long history of not covering our costs. Our Board of Directors insist that we work within healthy fiscal limits to ensure that we can continue to do the work we do without compromising our abilities to do so. to get the message to our youth that suicide is not the answer. Let’s work together to make good things happen.


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