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YLC is always open to exploring opportunity for collaboration in meaningful research projects that focus on improving the health and well being of the aboriginal peoples of all ages.

The North American Aboriginal Medicine Wheel provides an effective and alternative model for health and wellness that is well worth a closer look. Much can be learned from this model that has served our Aboriginal Peoples well for many generations. Essentially the Medicine Wheel encourages a holistic approach that aims to promote well-being at all levels of society as well as in all realms of human functioning ie: the body, the heart, the mind and the soul – our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well being.

Your Life Counts has been working with Aboriginal communities across the country and has been listening carefully to the advice we have been given. YLC is grateful to our Aboriginal friends in the broad community who continue to help shape and inform the YLC organization.

Some of the pages of the YLC website have been translated, with our permission, by the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO) and included in Aboriginal community resources including websites.

More sources:                            

The Wellness Wheel: An Aboriginal Contribution To Social Work – a paper by Margot Loiselle, PhD, SW & Lauretta McKenzie MSW, University of Quebec

Allying With the Medicine Wheel: Social Work Practice with Aboriginal Peoples – Laura Verniest, BA Adv (Psy), BSW, MSW; University of Windsor

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