As human beings we can often struggle with our emotions for all kinds of understandable reasons.

When it comes to finding ways of coping, the lines between our emotional health and our mental health can become blurred, not least because emotional struggles are so often funnelled into a ‘one size fits all’ category of mental health.

As human beings, we’re all different. What one person struggles with – and the reason(s) for his/ her struggles – are very different from the next persons. Because everyone’s situation and life experience is unique to him/ her.

Your Life Counts (YLC) recognizes the uniqueness of every individual and understands that there may be times when an individual may be wrestling with a diagnosable mental health and/ or underlying physical health concern that should be explored by a medical professional. And we always encourage people to have a medical check up to rule out any clinical concerns.

But YLC also recognizes that many of the situations, circumstances and struggles that many of us face in our lives, at one time or another, are all a part of what it means to be human.

We have yet to learn of a prescription pill that will mend the emotional pain and trauma of a broken heart or broken dreams or broken trust; repair a relationship; repair the trauma and pain of physical and emotional abuse; resolve financial pressures and worries; stop bullying online and/ or offline; resolve grief; loss of a job; difficulty in finding a job; the effects of low self esteem; disappointment and so, so much more.

Too often when an individual is struggling with a very human situation, they are medicated, when really what they need is help to be steadied; to recover perspective and understand their way forward and through their situation. Time and again we find that individuals are struggling with the side effects of the very medications that have been prescribed for them (psychotropic meds). YLC reminds individuals to ensure that they are aware of the known side effects of their meds and encourages them to be informed when/ if they are prescribed psychotropic meds.

You’ll find us to be very approachable, interested and caring. No matter what your situation or circumstance, YLC wants to understand. We do this by listening – extreme listening. We need you to share with us what’s going on so that we can begin to help you mobilize the needed support and help necessary for you to feel emotionally fit and well.

We have a 20+ year record of steadying lives, restoring hope and reconnecting people with their reasons to live. This is what we do. That’s why we are here.

YLC works!

We look forward to getting to know you.

Take care

Your friends at Your Life Counts.