YLC Mission Statement:

YOUR LIFE COUNTS (YLC) builds emotionally healthy individuals, families, and communities and steadies them when they are struggling with trauma and overwhelming life situations. YLC helps people say ‘no’ to suicide, restores hope and reconnects them with their reasons to live. YLC is also passionate about creating and promoting innovative, life-affirming strategies to meet the needs of individuals, including ongoing empathic support, education, research, empowerment, training, and advocacy through its resources, alliances, and programs worldwide.

The Why:

Since 2000, Your Life Counts has steadied many thousands of people in their struggles with making life work. And it all starts with you. You’re in our name. Your. Life. Counts.

It’s all about you. Because your life is way more precious than you may realize right now. Rediscovering your value, purpose and meaning in the world is all important in feeling that we belong. And you belong. To this world. You are needed in this world. 

Being comfortable with you and who you are opens up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities.

We encourage you to allow yourself to say to yourself, “I Matter.”

Because when you can wrap our arms around who you are, you are much more likely to be comfortable in saying to others around you, “You Matter.”

And then you will feel more comfortable wrapping around your care and concern for those around you by saying “We Matter.”  We all matter.

I Matter. You Matter. We Matter.

Simple to say, not so easy to do? For sure. But taking these steps helps move your forward and begins to change how you see yourself and the world around you. It also changes the way people see you and how they see the world around them too. It changes things. It changes you. Me. And us all. For the better.

Making the world a more positive and caring place is surely a good thing.

And it starts with you, because, Your. Life. Counts.