The name “BULLY-180” refers to turning bullies around. This exciting, effective and proven program is facilitated by several leading YLC speakers with their own personal stories and experiences of bullying.



Bullying is the #1 fear of children and youth online, in schools, colleges, universities, in the workplace and in the community. It’s a huge problem that is greatly under estimated; it’s found everywhere and, at its worst, it can lead to suicide or murder. It surely doesn’t get more serious than that! Families are shattered when bullying at its worst strikes and so often seemingly without any warning at all. No age group is immune. Bullying starts as soon as children are able to walk and communicate with each other. It is a behaviour that can find a place to roost early in child development and over time a bully can become highly sophisticated and single minded in his/ her determination to make the lives of his/ her victims a misery. If not stopped, the behavior of a bully will extend in to adulthood where the effects can be just as devastating. Bullies can work together as a team and when this happens a power base of destructive authority is established. Bullying at its root is a behaviour that needs to be unlearned.

Yet the terror of bullying is not talked about enough and as a result not enough is known about this cowardly and deadly behaviour that stalks the corridors of our schools and literally terrorizes our young people utilizing every media tool now available to power its message – places of refuge are hard to find when cyber bullying can deliver bullying threats on computer screen anywhere and via text on cell phones – even in the bedroom!

Bullying can be stopped through education and sharing powerfully through first hand experience. Indeed, this is the only proven approach that works.

BULLY-180….what’s in a name? Everything!…have you ever heard someone say they’ve done a 360? What they are really saying is nothing has changed…they’ve gone full circle and they’re back where they started…but if you do a 180 you are facing in the other direction from where you were…the YLC! BULLY-180 Program is all about changing the bully from bully to anti bullying advocate. A reformed bully can change a whole school in so many different ways! They are the most powerful advocates of the anti bullying message in the grass roots of school community and other sections of the community.

1 LEARNING OUTCOMES: ~ Bullying can happen in all age groups – including adults. ~ How do bullies function? How bystanders can empower the bully and how victims can build strategies to deal with the bully. ~ What can you do if you’re being bullied? 2 ~ How you can successfully intervene in a bullying situation. ~ How all is not what it seems. ~ What not to do when dealing with bullies. ~ How not to deal with victims. ~ How zero tolerance policies are important but can also empower the bully unless managed carefully and sensitively. (Fear of retribution can still discourage the victim(s) from speaking up and/ or telling the whole story). ~ How forgiveness breaks the power of the bully and reassures the victim – all the more powerful from a mom who has lost her daughter to bullying and suicide. ~ Strategies to build a bully free environment in schools, online, in the community and the workplace. ~ And much more…

2 CUSTOM PRESENTATIONS FOR YOUR SCHOOL OR ORGANIZATION: · junior schools, high schools, colleges and universities · School Boards · Cultures including, but not restricted to, First Nation and Inuit peoples · Police – Federal, Provincial, First Nation, Inuit · Parent Groups · Teacher Groups · Medical professionals · Government organizations – public health, social work etc · Corporations · Community groups The YLC team will work with your organization to build a presentation that suits the particular needs of your school or other environment ensuring that the BULLY 180 message reaches your target constituency effectively.

3 ONE DAY OVERVIEW: We feel strongly that it is important to have opportunity to speak to everyone who interacts with a child/youth in his or her day-to-day lives. From our experience, an integrated 3 level approach works best, from their peer group to their teachers to their parents and folk in the community. It is recommended that the 3 levels approach be embraced at every opportunity. Here’s what a visit from YLC to one school could look like:

  • First level – Students: One or two student presentations from grade 5 upwards to high school grade 12 – classroom and/or assembly – includes role play and interactive inputs – requires an hour minimum for presentation – with Q&A session and then one on one time with students who need to talk privately. And more…
  • Second level – School faculty/staff: After school faculty/staff workshop with extended Q&A session – reinforces the information shared with the students to give continuity to the new learning. Peer abuse patterns vary considerably from school board to school board and from district to district. Why adult logic doesn’t work. What to say and what not to say. Why zero tolerance policies are important but can only work successfully if managed properly otherwise bullying goes underground etc. Why school 3 administration is often the last to know about a serious bullying incident. Why discipline and intervention do not always walk hand in hand. The typical mistakes educators make and how to avoid them. Why bullying must be taken seriously by school administration. The cost to society of the outworking of bullying in so many areas of life and the attendant danger of so called revenge shootings and massacres that have happened in schools and communities all across our nation. Why bullying seriously endangers everyone’s health and safety. And more…
  • Third level – Parent/Community: Evening parent/community forum with extended Q&A session – reinforces the information shared with students and school faculty/staff to give continuity to the new learning. How to recognize if your child is being bullied or if your child is a bully. The importance of communication with your child’s teacher(s) and ensuring that the reassurance of zero tolerance towards bullying is reinforced at home. Importantly, recognizing that every parent does not want to admit that their angelic son or daughter may be a bully causing utter misery to his/her victims in a very public or hidden way. Why social standing does not determine whether your son or daughter is a bully. Some of the big mistakes parents can make, etc. Why you need to reach deep within and grab the courage to make positive, healthy change so that bullying is eradicated in your community. And more…

To further enhance the impact and effectiveness of a visit by YLC to your school/community it is recommended that several schools should be targeted over several days. This also is more cost effective as travel and other costs can be shared. In this time, we are prepared to speak on local TV and radio/press media and can bring considerable awareness to your campaign in the community all the time reinforcing the follow up and support resource of the YLC Web response at www.yourlifecounts.org

It is also beneficial to begin to raise the awareness of YLC’s visit to your school/community at least 3 weeks ahead of the event by making announcements in class, assemblies, newsletters and letting the press/TV/radio media know. The team at YLC BULLY-180 can assist with press releases and other helpful information.


  • to educate, empower, inform, encourage and inspire children and youth to reject bullying as acceptable at any level.
  • to build trust and emotional bonds that create opportunity to get the anti bullying and suicide prevention message across.
  • to share personal stories and experience to establish strong connection and fast track understanding of the serious danger that bullying poses to the health and well being of all involved.
  • to make it real for children, youth and families.
  • to publicly challenge the bullies to make a promise to change immediately with the assurance of forgiveness and support through various means, including the YLC online helpline.
  • to give bystanders opportunity to speak/further connect with assurance of no retribution.
  • to give victims opportunity to express themselves without retribution.
  • to create opportunity for bully and victim to come together in forgiveness, understanding and commitment to establishing a bully free environment.
  • to reassure children, youth and families that follow up support, guidance and help is available through the www.yourlifecounts.org web resource with information and confidential help response facility and referral.


  • Bullies turned around to become anti bullying advocates.
  • Incidence of bullying in school and the community reduced.
  • Students – whether bully, bystander or victim aware that help is available and the imperative of getting help to stop the bullying today – not tomorrow www.yourlifecounts.org
  • Forgiveness given opportunity to bring bully and victim together and to find healing.
  • Students, staff and parents resourced with new learning that positively changes perspective; facilitates clear and healthy understanding of bullying as a serious, potentially life threatening issue and integrates understanding that ensures sensitivity and willingness to accommodate positive change in school and home practice and procedure.

6 TARGET AUDIENCE OF BULLY-180: Grade 5 through Grade 12 YLC can also speak to College and University student communities.

7 COST TO BRING YLC BULLY-180 TO YOUR COMMUNITY: Fixed honorarium cost for one or more YLC team members, plus all travel costs, accommodation costs (hotel/motel) when necessary and meal costs.


  • Projector and screen
  • Laptop to play Microsoft PowerPoint
  • DVD player – usually included in laptop
  • Microphone and speakers – for YLC presentation and to play audio track from DVD
  • Second microphone for Q&A sessions for audience to pose questions – depends on size of room and audience.
  • IMPORTANT – someone with technical ability able to run PowerPoint and audio/visual.


  • Brochures/handouts can be tailored to your needs – cost approx $2 per head depending on numbers
  • Posters for school lockers/washrooms etc
  • T-shirts can be produced for a specific targeted school campaign – cost to be determined
  • Unlimited opportunity to produce different collateral materials to power the message and point youth to our interactive website help resource at www.yourlifecounts.org


YLC professional staff and consultants are available to consult on school policy practice and procedure as it pertains to bullying. Needs assessment and gap analysis studies can be undertaken at sliding scale of cost determined by required overall project commitment.

The YLC BULLY-180 team, are available to consult on specific situations/crisis scenarios as needed. Dependant on your needs we may need to apply a cost to help cover our costs. We would 5 need you to cover our travel, accommodation and other hard costs if additional visit(s) to your community are necessary.

For further information contact YLC BULLY-180 Program at bully180@ yourlifecounts.org www.yourlifecounts.org


Working hand in hand with the YLC BULLY 180 Program the be a STAR Program is a multi award winning major bully prevention initiative based in the USA. Your Life Counts has teamed up with be a STAR to reinforce the prevention of bullying message and to help further develop the network of schools, supporters and opportunities for the delivery of the be a STAR Program.

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