YLC’s heart for the indigenous community around the world beats loudly. Our work to save young lives from suicide speaks louder than words.

Some of the pages of the YLC website have been translated, with our permission, by the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO) and included in Aboriginal community resources including websites. Our work continues, subject to the availability of responsible resourcing.

United States and Canada

YLC has responded to many requests for help from the indigenous community – from the First Nation community in particular. YLC has spoken in communities such as Six Nations of the Grand River, Kanesatake, Kahnawake and Sioux Ste Marie, among others.


Indigenous Australians are the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia and they make up about 2.8% of the national population of 24+ million people.

New Zealand

The indigenous Māori people make up about 15% of the national population of 4.5 million people in New Zealand.

The respective indigenous communities of Australia & New Zealand are diverse and unique with rich traditions and customs. They also share similarities with other indigenous communities around the world that cannot be generalized. In respect of North American indigenous peoples there are shared experiences of profound trauma and heart breaking disenfranchisement of people, family and community.

YLC is an organization that is focused on life and reinforcing the bonds of humanity – the human family.

We continue to develop our collaborations and capacity as opportunity and resources allow.

Voices of Vision Magazine

YLC Founder, Rory Butler, is a regular contributer to Voices of Visions alongside fellow contributer, world renowned environmentalist and scientist, Dr David Suzuki.

Here are the editions which include an article by YLC:

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Fall Edition 2017


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YLC is grateful for the opportunity to be a contributer to Voices of Visions