Your Support Counts

Your Life Counts is honoured to be a charity partner of the annual StrummerFest event in Ontario, Canada.

Unfortunately, the 2020 event cannot go ahead due to the pandemic. But, the good news is that the Founders of YLC and StrummerFest saw an opportunity to share more about the StrummerFest artists and to invite them to encourage you to support YLC at this time of great need.

A message from Michael Clifton, Founder of StrummerFest.

Check out More about the StrummerFest Artists

Michael Clifton – Strummerfest co-founder
C.I.D. (lead vocals)
Follow CID on Facebook, here.

T.C. Folkpunk – “One guy with a guitar and a ​notebook full of lyrics.”
The name says it all: folk+punk. A better one-man-mash-up likely can’t be found. He also played “Sid Mellor” in Love in the Sixth and has graced the Strummerfest stage 5 times. Check out T.C.’s record offerings here​!

SKAFACE – “Making people dance since 1989.”
One of Ontario’s longest playing ska bands, SkaFace’s lead singer, Lynn Scott (featured on this video) says they’s “always been underground, never hugely mainstream, but… have a huge fan base”. Visit them on Facebook, here.

NICK SKALKOS – “Making people dance since 1989.”
Known for his work with The Miniatures and
Spirits, Nick (who has performed twice at Strummerfest) has since recorded with Len and City in Colour. He recently released new music with popular Canadian HGTV celebrity,
Scott McGIllivray. Check that out, here.

TOONICE – “The reggae sound
​of the Canadian Shield.”

Hailing from Wasaga Beach, TooNice offers a high energy reggae style to warm the harsh Ontario climate. Playing as often as possible, and
more than most bands can.
​Check them out here.

JADE SQUIRE – Volunteer (2013-2014)
Drum, study, skate! Criminology student. Percussionist #PayNoMind & #ImpactEntertainment. Roller derby retiree. Severe wanderlust.”

…that’s how Coral Andrews described their music in an article in 2014. They say, more plainly, “specialists in Jamaican rub-a-dub”. They are Strummerfest stalwarts and Strummerfest favourites, having performed in no less than 6 shows. Find them on Facebook, here, while enjoying this video from Baudelaires frontman (and rock historian), Brent Hagerman, accompanied by Raven (Uke) and Avalon (Bass).

WARREN KINSELLA – “Not profound”
Warren — whose band, SFH, headlined the Strummerfest mainstage for our first festival event (ever) in 2012 — is a well-known lawyer and educator, political consultant and commentator, social media personality, and, well, authentic 70’s punk rocker.
Find out more, here; read about this video, here; and see Warren sharing thoughts about Joe Strummer at Strummerfest 2012, here.