The Late George Hamilton IV was a great encourager and mentor to Your Life Counts Founder, Ruaraidh Butler.

Here’s George speaking about YLC (note our logo has changed since the recording):

Ruaraidh comments:

“Since 1996 until his passing, George IV had been a very positive and welcome influence in my life. He was always willing to meet with me or speak on the phone wherever he was and continually encouraged me to swim ‘against the tide’ and persevere with the development of YLC. As the ‘International Ambassador of Country Music’, George IV had traveled the world many times and understood that tackling the root causes of suicide was one of the key issues that humanity faces at this time. We shared the concern that the Health system often prescribes medication as a front line response to what can be a very human struggle. The paradox is that so many psychotropic medications have known side effects, many of which can make people feel worse, if not suicidal.

I was honoured to know George IV and truly very much miss him. I am grateful to George IV’s wife, Tinky, and the Hamilton family for sharing George V with the world for so many years. I’m also honoured to have had opportunity to get to know his son, George V who has graciously become an Ambassador for YLC – picking up the baton from his dad who was an Ambassador for YLC. At a time when the world is crying out for answers and looking for ways to stop the silent epidemic of suicide in our midst, Your Life Counts has some tested and proven answers. Working together we can breakthrough and YLC will become a household name that helps people to say ‘no’ to suicide. George IV spoke of YLC being the ‘something good’ that is helping to make the world a better place. I will persevere and I will continue to swim upstream. George IV would expect nothing less of me. Thank you, George IV. Until we meet again.”

Of a number of hits for which George IV has been well known, here’s a recording of George IV singing ‘Early Morning Rain’, written by Canadian country music legend, Gordon Lightfoot:

And this rare video footage of George IV joining George V on stage as they sing George IV’s well-known country hit, ‘Abilene’:

Find out more about George Hamilton IV below:

and find out more about George Hamilton V at:

George Hamilton V