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The Your Life Counts Alliance

YLC Alliance



The Your Life Counts Alliance was formed in February 2014 to launch the YLC Reasons To Live Campaign.

Founding members of The Your Life Counts Alliance are:

Support and encouragement from a number of organizations including Living Works.

Our position statement on suicide in our communities as The Your Life Counts Alliance adopts the statement of Living Works – reproduced and quoted with permission:

Suicide is a Community Health problem

“We hold that suicide is best viewed broadly as an issue for the entire community. We invite those with social, public or mental health perspectives to join this broader perspective. Everyone who wants to help is welcome. Many so called ‘ordinary’ citizens have made anything but ordinary contributions to suicide prevention in modern times. We reject any attempt to maintain an exclusionary position. To make suicide one group’s territory is to re-stigmatize suicide in modern clothing by implying that suicide is so special, dangerous or unusual that only some can deal with it. Such a restriction also reduces the range and numbers of people who could help prevent suicide. Suicide is not the domain of any one discipline or viewpoint. We need everyone, working together, to bring an end to the long history of avoiding the community consequences of suicide.”

Bell Let’s Talk

Since 2012 Your Life Counts has given advice to, supported and participated in the Bell Let’s Talk Initiative in collaboration with CTV.


YLC Founder Rory Butler attended the CTV studio in Toronto and responded directly online to requests for help received during the day. Rory was interviewed live to the nation on Canada AM by host Seamus O’Regan (now Minister of Veterans’ Affairs in the Canadian Federal Government).


An article written by Rory, We All Know Someone Affected was included as a central feature of the CTV Bell Let’s Talk website during the campaign in 2013. Once again Rory was at the CTV studio in Toronto on the Bell Let’s Talk Day helping to facilitate online communication with people in crisis.


YLC was consulted by CTV in respect of the Bell Let’s Talk online approach to people in crisis. YLC’s recommendation was that the IM (instant messaging) approach was problematic and ought to be shelved in favour of referral to existing agencies and resources. This advice was heeded.