Research & Special Projects

Your Life Counts is honoured to collaborate with our academic, community and corporate partners in meaningful research that will help save lives from mental illness, voluntary and involuntary addiction – and suicide.

YLC seeks to be involved in responsible and ethical research and has zero interest in being associated with research that seeks to provide outcomes that support particular agendas.

We understand research to be the investigation of a particular topic – or topics – using a variety of reliable, scholarly and empirical resources. We further understand the three major goals of research are establishing facts, analyzing information, and reaching new conclusions. The three main functions of conducting research are searching for, reviewing, and evaluating information. Learning what research is not helps us to understand what research actually is. Randomly selecting books from the library is not research, nor is surfing the Internet. On the contrary, research requires organization, resourcefulness, co-operation, reflection, synthesis, and above all, time (and resources).

Here at Your Life Counts we seek to help advance the work of suicide prevention by helping understand best practices and helping also to improve understanding that an empathic approach is important when dealing with the crisis of an individual.

As YLC Founder Rory Butler states “I’ve yet to learn of a prescription pill that will mend a broken heart…”