Domestic abuse is when one person does not show respect to another person, but instead tries to hurt, control, or bully the other person. Abuse is not always physical.

Arguments and abuse are different things. It is normal for parents to argue sometimes. In an argument, both people should feel safe to express their feelings and know they will still be respected and that they will “kiss and make up”, or whatever is appropriate! Por outro lado, abusive relationships result in one person who is afraid to be honest and open with their partner.

What if I see domestic violence happening?

Keep safe and try your best to not get involved. Se você sente que sua vida, or the life of another person, is in danger, call the Police. Also it is important to call somebody you trust who can take you to a safe place until your home is safe. Your other options are to tell someone at school, or call a local abused women’s help line.

Coping with Domestic Violence in the Family

It can hurt to watch domestic violence happen, especially for kids whose parents are experiencing domestic violence. When domestic violence occurs in the home, it is not a safe or happy place to be.

Você não está sozinho, you are not weird, and you are not messed up. The domestic violence in your family is not your fault. There is help out of your situation and there is hope.

If you know someone being abused, confira nosso artigo “What if someone I know is being abused?” to find out what you can do.

Lembre-se que você é importante. Suas contagens de vida, e você pode fazer a diferença neste mundo. Se você precisar conversar sobre este ou qualquer outra coisa, Sinta-se livre para entrar em contato conosco. Estamos aqui para você.