Most people go overboard at some point on some sport, band, fashion etc. An addiction is simply when someone goes too far and begins to depend on anything that they feel they couldn’t live life without. Addiction can be anything from video games to shopping, from food to alcohol to relationships. Some addictions lead to a physical dependency, some are an invisible mental or emotional crutch to lean on.

Addictions are considered a problem because they can control us. If you depend on something to feel good or secure, that means you aren’t as free as you should be. Por exemplo, some people become so addicted to clothes that they can’t save money for bigger things like cars or homes. Other people become addicted to alcohol which means that they can’t stay sober and form healthy relationships.

If you think you are addicted to something, don’t worry. You aren’t weird! You can escape from and break your addiction. Check out the article “how can I break an addiction?” for more information.

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