If someone you know is being abused, you may feel as if you can’t help them. There are some really great ways to be there for a friend that is being abused:


If a friend is being abused, they may want to talk about it, but they might rather hide it away and pretend that it isn’t happening. If you know that the situation is being handled by the police or other authorities, just be there for your friend. Don’t let them feel useless or out of place, because abuse happens to a lot of people. Remind them that they are special and important, and have a place in this world. Let them know that they are not to blame.

If you don’t think you are the right person for your friend to talk to, let them know about YLC. We’re here for you and for your friends.

If their safety is in danger

If you know that the safety of your friend is in danger, let someone you trust know that the abuse is happening: this could be your parents, a teacher, or even the police. Your friend may get upset with you for doing this, because many families try to keep abuse a secret. But remember, if you are protecting the safety of your friend, you are truly being a friend. Let them know that you care for them.

Talk to someone

You cannot keep abuse a secret. It is important to let someone know what is going on. 也, it can hurt very much to see someone else being abused. Remember to deal with your own feelings as well.

Express yourself

To deal with the pain that you feel from a friend being abused, it helps to express what you are feeling in a safe and healthy way. Many young people choose to express their feelings through a journal, art, sports, performance, or music.

请记住,你是重要的. 你的生命举足轻重, 并且你可以在这个世界上的差异. 如果你需要谈论这个或其他任何, 随时取得联系我们. 我们在这里为你.