Violence in a dating relationship is common, however it is not normal. You are a valuable, special and important person. You deserve respect, and you deserve to be in a relationship where you feel safe and free. Take the following quiz to see if your relationship is good for you.

  • I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend/girlfriend: T/F
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend makes me feel respected: T/F
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend pressures me to have sex: T/F
  • I am always scared my boyfriend/girlfriend will be mad at me: T/F
  • I am free to spend lots of time with my family/friends: T/F
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend is often suspicious of me for no reason: T/F
  • I want to break up with my boyfriend/girlfriend but am afraid that things will get worse: T/F
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend has tried to change the way I act/dress: T/F
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend has hurt me and blamed it on me: T/F
  • I am in a relationship because I don’t want to be single: T/F

After taking that short quiz, take a look at your relationship. Is it the type of relationship that you want to be in?

请记住,你是重要的. 你的生命举足轻重, 并且你可以在这个世界上的差异. 如果你需要谈论这个或其他任何, 随时取得联系我们. 我们在这里为你.