Watching TV and movies can influence how we live our life if we let it. Don’t think you’re influenced by the media? Think about:

  • The clothes your favourite stars wear: do you try to copy them?
  • The activities your favourite stars do: what do you think of them?
  • The catch phrases on TV shows: do you pick them up?

There’s nothing wrong with being influenced by the media – it’s a part of the world around us. That influence can become a problem when we begin to think that what happens on the movies and TV is ‘normal’.

Let’s take a second to remember that real life and TV are not the same thing (nope, not even reality shows!). The shows we love so much have writers, screenplays, stage lights, makeup, casting and season endings. The real world isn’t scripted or costumed, and our lives still go on when the show ends.

So if real life is so different from TV, why do we model real life after TV?

YLC wants to encourage you, and let you know that your life is so valuable. You are worth so much as an individual, and your uniqueness is what makes you, you! You can make your own decisions, and don’t need to let the media influence how you live your life. For more information on media literacy, check out

请记住,你是重要的. 你的生命举足轻重, 并且你可以在这个世界上的差异. 如果你需要谈论这个或其他任何, 随时取得联系我们. 我们在这里为你.