It’s not often on TV that we see the real complications of sexual activity. TV and the movies don’t show us everything that comes with having sex: the heartbreak it can bring if a relationship ends, the Sexually Transmitted Infections that can incur (including a lot of messy stuff ‘down there’), pregnancy, heartache, and the long-term effects of not waiting for a lifelong relationship such as marriage.

性爱是一种选择. 直到你评估你的生活, 期望, 未来, 过去, 和你正在寻找的关系, 你不准备是性活跃.

关系, 约会和爱情应该集中在自由和尊重. 如果你觉得通过你约会去身体或性远超过你是舒服的人有压力, 你不被尊重或压力性免费.

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