If you are a self-injurer and want to stop, ask yourself: Why do I want to stop? What affect does self-injury have on my life? It is so important to recognize that growing beyond self-injury is a process and it takes dedication and hard work, but you can do this. You can do this because you deserve it.

The method you use to injure yourself isn’t as important as recognizing that you do injure yourself, and what impacts it can have on your life.

We want you to know that there is hope, and there is help available to you today.

You are so important, and valued – you do not deserve to put yourself through pain.

记得, this is not in place of counselling – you still need to seek some professional support. If you need a hand in finding a local counsellor, get in touch with YLC – we can connect you to someone in your area. Always remember that you are in control of this; this is not in control of you.

We trust in you and know that you can do this! Even if you come from a life of abuse, neglect, and have had horrible things happen to you… you can change how your future turns out. Respect yourself, and your body. You don’t deserve the pain you are causing to your body: you deserve so much more.

You can and will rise above this because the most important thing is that you deserve to live and be happy!
No matter what… you are special and your life is important.

You can make a difference in this world.

Visit our friends at Self-Injury Outreach and Support

请记住,你是重要的. 你的生命举足轻重, 并且你可以在这个世界上的差异. 如果你需要谈论这个或其他任何, 随时取得联系我们. 我们在这里为你.